What do participants say about Dial Help Services?


“Mike and I always realized the significant importance of Dial Help for the community I grew up in. Equally as important was the valuable knowledge we both learned while being a volunteer there. We both feel the experience taught us many of life’s lessons that have helped us through the years in our everyday lives.” – Joan and Mike Treppa

“I have gotten more interested in some things and have become more social.” – Anonymous Discovery Group Participant

“I will admit that I came a little closed minded, a waste of time attitude, and I have to admit Mr. Ed changed my mind the first night. Great Job, Thank You.” – Anonymous Alcohol Highway Safety Participant

“It keeps me out of trouble and I love the activities we do and my grades have gone up a lot.” – Anonymous Discovery Group Participant

“Your presentation presented very realistic, eye opening examples that truly helped prepare our staff for issues they may encounter. We truly appreciated all the support Dial Help provides us.” – Anonymous Sexual Violence Prevention Presentation Participant

“This class was helpful not only with anger management, but with dealing with life and its troubles.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant

“This class has challenged many of my upbringing and beliefs, has helped me appreciate my life and my kids in challenging those beliefs, Love the class. I would recommend this class to any man, I think we all can use this class.” – Anonymous Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Participant

“I would like to thank (facilitator’s name) for teaching me methods of controlling my anger and also for listening to me. I am doing better today, thanks to his help.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant

“I would like to thank you for the tools the group has showed me to be a better person and how to treat others with respect.” – Anonymous Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Participant

“The staff was great with helping me learn to handle my emotions. Made me a better person. Thank You.” – Anonymous Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Participant

“From day 1 I started to think about my anger.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant

“An excellent course in controlling and recognizing anger.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant

“I would just like to note that I will be recommending this course to others.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant

“The staff here is very caring about each person that they work with.” – Anonymous Anger Management Participant